When a Deal Isn’t a Deal

I keep seeing ads for things like this.
I had to investigate. Without even knowing the numbers, my gut says, “No.”
It’s not local. It’s not supporting my friends and neighbors.
It could be fantastic meat, but I’ve been to the farms where our food comes from. I’ve met the farmers, seen their plants, the animals and their conditions.
I cannot ignore the fact that everyone has bills to pay and saving money on meats may be the thing that helps. I can understand that….until I get my calculator out.
I decided to build a “box” online. I chose the $149 box and selected only meats and cuts that we carry here, matching the weights exactly, so I could make a direct comparison.
Their $149 box, is $103.50 here. (30% cheaper!) And you don’t have to buy it in bulk to get that price. You can buy it a piece at a time. And again, you are supporting your neighbors.
It can sometimes be a challenge to contend with the misconception that healthy or local food has to cost more.
I feel very fortunate to work with the 120+ farmers, growers, vendors, etc., here. Not only are they supplying us with the best quality foods, they are equally passionate about this community, enabling us to keep these prices so reasonable.

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