An Old Fashioned General Store in Your Backyard

Harkening to the days when every community had a general store, we bring you the same goods you would have found in those times. Yes, they are free from additives, preservatives, dyes, or chemicals, with no or minimal processing.

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Fresh Produce

Located on the beautiful agricultural stretch of Route 29, just outside Schuylerville, our farm provides produce grown year-round right on site. Old Saratoga Mercantile offers a variety of meat, eggs, dairy products, fruit, honey, syrup, baked goods and other organically grown produce from more than 100 local farmers and producers.

Old Saratoga Mercantile

Carefully Selected Products

Feeding your family with the best ingredients starts where the plants do — in the ground. Knowing where and how your food was grown or raised is important, but a daunting task for most individuals.

We research and offer only products that meet its high standards for health. Foods that are certified organic, grown with organic methods, and certified naturally grown fill our baskets.

Make Your Own 4-Packs from 200+ Craft Beers

An impressive, continually evolving collection of approximately 200 craft beers, ciders and wine products. Our menu of unique brews can be found at untappd. 

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Household Goods

We also sell household goods, all with the same focus from naturally derived sources. From locally-made, non-toxic cleaning supplies and body products to nationally known and loved brands, we have it all!

Health & Body Products

From shampoo to foot creams, and everything in between, we have a remarkable assortment of health and beauty products. We source local products, as well as trusted national brands.

We pride ourselves in offering local, organic CBD lines, and are happy to offer samples and education on this important subject. Months of intense research went in to finding the very best farms for our supply.

Read our informative blogs.

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