The business of truth

I haven’t covered elections in four years. I sometimes call that my “old life.” As a member of the media for more than a decade, I covered a lot of things, primarily government and politics. 

Four years ago, I purchased the property where the store, farm and our home are now located. I had plans. I had ideas. I thought they were good, but personally…and this is where it gets kind of heavy, I struggled with leaving journalism.
“I’m in the business of truth,” I’d say. It was my identity. I worried leaving that life was losing myself. I need truth. I seek it in everything. I need to share that truth. Reporting was my outlet for that.

Readying the store drained me. I learned plumbing, did the drywall, cleaned, scraped and took loads to the landfill myself. I replaced windows, painted, stained, designed, hammered, researched and finally, when the store was done, I stocked.
It was an odd moment, alone in here, arranging peppers, I believe. But it was a moment of peace and clarity.
That pepper grew in the ground. It was grown organically and with purpose to feed my neighbors.
If this isn’t truth, I thought, then I don’t know what is…I’m still in the business of truth, just a way better kind.
I’ve not missed my “old life” at all. Daily there is research, educating myself and sharing it with others. I’m constantly learning new things from others here, too…it’s how we guide our growth, by listening and evolving with all our new information.
So tomorrow night will be my fourth year that I don’t get free election night pizza. But, I’ll go to bed at a decent hour and wake up still in the business of truth. 

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