We have a winner!

The second token was hidden in the Blessings Box (now called the Little Food Pantry) located next to the library. I was hopeful to bring attention to the box itself, as it’s such a great way to gather our community together in support of each other. 
Any time, day or night, you can drop off nonperishable food items, or perhaps a toy or a pair of mittens, for a neighbor to be able to enjoy, too.
I’ve checked it out every day since I hid it, and every day there seems to be different items inside. It’s pretty exciting to be a part of a community where we work together like this.

Here were the clues:
Clue #1: A Gerry and the Pacemakers song
This was Ferry Cross the Mersey. The token was hidden somewhere on Ferry Street. I particularly liked one line from the song, though, and while it wasn’t part of the clue, it seemed fitting: 

People around every corner
They seem to smile and say
We don’t care what your name is boy
We’ll never turn you away

Clue #2: A Shakira song 
This was the one, I think, tricked everyone the most, sending everyone in different directions. I had some certain it was Old Saratoga Eyecare, because she has a song called Eyes.
She also has a song called Bicicleta, but nope, it wasn’t on the fantastically bright bikes we have in the village.
The song that fit the clue was Todos Juntos, which she sings with Dora the Explorer. I added an extra hint, saying to ‘explore’ more Shakira songs. 
As it turns out, Shakira also has a song called Explore Islands. Oops!
Todos Juntos has some wonderfully appropriate words to lead to the Blessings Box:

Things are much better when we do it together,
We can help each other when we work together,
Everything’s better when we do it all them as one
There comes a time we all understand,
When we could use the helping hand,
One who believe we could reach for the stars,
Things are much better when we do it together,
We can help each other if we work together,
Everything’s better when we do it all them as one

Clue #3: A Frank Loesser song
This was Baby, It’s Cold Outside, because the token was outside.

Clue #4: A Malvina Reynolds song 
This song is Little Boxes. It seemed too easy of a hint at the time, but again, she has several songs to send you on a wild goose chase, like The New Restaurant, Black Horse, Mailman Blues, Street Corner Blues….

I added an extra hint, when I said to weed through her songs. Little Boxes is the theme song to the TV show Weeds, and even threw in an extra $5 token.
Clue #5: A Martina McBride song
She sings a song called Blessed. I thought together, with Little Boxes, we’d have a winner. Nope.

Not wanting to add yet another singer to send everyone in yet another direction, I went with a photo clue. I took the picture in front of the box and posted it, hoping the nice sidewalks were enough to give it away, and directed everyone to Instagram to view it.

Still nothing.
Clue #6 A song entitled, “I’m standing right in front of it in the picture on the OSM Instagram.”

Finally! We have a winner!

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